Eating Out

by Ghani Kunto

Of the few lessons that stuck in my mind from school, one was about eating and timing.

“Serve the food, have a nice conversation, and only after your father’s tummy’s filled with the full course of the meal should you ask for what you want.”

The dinner table has always been the best way to strengthen the family bonds. Living in Jakarta, however, makes dinner table conversation almost non-existent. The traffic forces the average worker to leave for work before the sun rises, and he’s lucky if he can return home before his child goes to bed. Weekend becomes an increasingly sacred time to gel strained relationship, but for whatever reason–maybe cooking and cleaning’s too much of a hassle?–most of the families I know would rather eat out during the weekend.

There’s great opportunity for restaurants that can capitalize on this. Here’s my take on how to do just that.

How do YOU choose to which restaurant you’d take your family?