Sex and Neuron Synapses

by Ghani Kunto

During a group coaching session a while back, we did an interesting exercise on aligning perceptions.  We were told to individually write down at least 10 top-of-mind words when hearing the word SEX.

After a minute or so, we compared the words with the rest of the people at the table.  In a table of six people, we didn’t have one word that everyone used.  “Love” and “fun” was almost in everyone’s list, but not everyone’s.  Along with those two words I also had things like “tender,” “caring,” “velvet,” and “energetic” along with “great” and “please” and “more.”

Another person had “reproduction” and “orgasm” which makes good sense.

I can’t belief there were only a few of us that had “enjoyable” on the list.  I mean, at least it HAS to be enjoyable, right?  If you don’t think it’s enjoyable, who’d want to have it with you?

Near the end of the exercise, the only woman at the table commented, “I can’t believe none of you had ‘marriage’ in your list.”

Well, what can I say?

What would be the first ten words that come to your mind when you see the word SEX?