Internal Values

by Ghani Kunto

If you listen to my Monday night radio shows, you’d no doubt hear the regular guest Taufik Bahaudin talk about internal values.  It’s an interesting way to interpret relationships.  Even if you and I have the same set of values (honesty, friendship, compassion, etc) we might place different priorities for them.  And these differences in priorities are often what cause friction.

The classic example:

Imagine your best friend is driving you someplace.  He has been your best friend since childhood, and you owe him a lot to your current success.  For whatever reason, today he was driving really fast.  Way over the speed limit.  Some might even say, he was driving recklessly.

A man suddenly appeared to cross the road.  The car hit him.

You and your friend helped the man, and meanwhile, your friend begged you: “Please don’t tell anyone I was speeding.”

The police arrived soon after, and the officer asks you: “Was your friend driving over the speed limit?”

How would you answer?

The answer might give a hint of which values are the most important to you.  Is “honesty is the best policy” your highest priority?  Or “a friend in need is a friend indeed” more important to you?


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