Learning from My Daughter Part 2: Poopy Hands

by Ghani Kunto

My daughter, Kirana, i’s 5 months old now.  Following her development has been magical.  Seeing her grasp at things that catches her eyes, seeing her roll all over the place, seeing her learn to crawl, having her welcome me with a wide smile when she recognizes my face and voice: all seems magical.

She likes it when I play the harmonica.  She’d try to grab it from my hands.  It’s shiny. It makes noises.  What’s not to like?

She surprised me the last time I played the harmonica.  She pursed her lips and blew air out.  Wow, she figured it out already?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised.

The Poop Incident

Whenever my wife and I read her a story from a book, our daughter would listen, then she’d try to grab the book to see what we were looking at.  We wanted to share our passion and love of reading to her.  There’s so much knowledge, wisdom, and fun to be had from books.

From her eyes, we’d know she understood what we’re reading, or at least, she was paying attention to the words we read her.  However, this past weekend, while we were reading to her, she looked at us with a different gaze.

Our daughter had a knowing look.

It was as if she knew something we didn’t

Then she let out one of her  loudest farts yet.

My wife and I laughed, and looking at us laughing, our daughter laughed too.

We were still laughing until we were changing her diaper.

We usually used cloth diapers, except for weekends.  Neither of us really wanted to spend time washing dirty diapers when we could be spending it playing with Kirana.  This weekend we had ran out of disposable diapers, and when I bought some more from the store, the usual brand/type was not available.  So, I ended up buying whatever kind was available.

What was available, was the pull-up kind.

And that’s the cause of all the trouble that followed.  I bought the diapers, and when it was time to change the diaper, it became apparent that we needed a different way to take off a pull-up diaper.  We had stopped laughing by then.  We were creating a mess!

Imagine if you can’t sit up straight and you had shat your pants, and now you’re trying to take off your soiled pants while laying down.  It’d be really hard to do it without getting poop everywhere.

And we did end up with poop everywhere.  From Kirana’s thighs to the bottom of her feet, and all over our hands.

I was silently cursing the diaper makers.  We had used the recommended diaper for the age and weight, and we ended up with a mess?  Somebody must’ve screwed up the design.

We cleaned everything up, and finally put a fresh, new diaper on.

After all was done, my wife reached for the packaging of the pull-up diaper.  She studied it for a little, then she started to laugh.

“Read the instructions,” she said, while handing me the package.

There, it was clearly stated that to take off up a pull-up diaper, we needed to rip the sides off, and just change the diaper.

In other words, when taking off the diaper, pull-ups area essentially the same as regular disposable diapers when we’re taking them off.

None of the mess we made were necessary.  The mess was completely avoidable, if only we had read the instructions first.

All this effort to teach our daughter to read, yet we ourselves missed out on the more important reading materials.  I laughed at my self when the realization hits.

Beside me, my daughter laughed too, with that knowing look in her eyes.