Would You Marry Aristotle?

by Ghani Kunto

Aristotle thought our telos—our inner goal we’re meant to achieve—is happiness.  St. Augustine thought the telos of life is to love God.  Heidegger’s thought our telos is to live without denial of the true human condition, particularly death.  I’m sure there are other schools of thought on the meaning of life, but lets stop there.

I’m wonder: if your partner were to adopt one of those schools of thought as a way of life, which would you prefer s/he adopts?

A partner who’s an existentialist wouldn’t be too much fun; one who’s all about loving God could be a bit too goodie-two-shoes; and a partner who’s all about happiness could be, well, a bit flaky.

I guess taking any one point of view to the extreme would make anyone a bit nutty.

I wonder what kind of nut I am.