God Is Not Out There

by Ghani Kunto

In the past months, I’ve had the luxury to travel Jakarta’s roads after the molasses-like traffic had cleared away.  Night time had always been the perfect backdrop to listen to ourselves.  I’m sure many people share this sentiment.  There’s why there’s the tahajud prayer.  That’s why some people seek inspiration by finding a secluded spot where city lights have faded, and just stare at the stars.  We tilt our heads up—sometimes with our hands lifted in a prayer—looking for God, searching for far away answers, only to find it deep within ourselves.

I used to love driving in the early AM, right after a snowstorm.  The streets of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada would be covered in powder white snow. My senses would be overloaded as I slid the car around town.

Maybe that’s another way to listen to our little voices.  Either find a really quite spot, or distract our senses enough that they don’t interfere.