Why I Love Sales

by Ghani Kunto

The chase of a solid, measurable target; the rush of closing the deal; and of course, the money: all are parts of the allure of sales, but those are not the main reasons as to why I love sales.

It’s a funny thing, love is.  You feel it, and whatever it is that you love becomes so much a part of you that you don’t even consciously think about it anymore.  After a while it’s like a limb: there’s no way you want to part from it.

Today, I was asked this question, and so I dug deep to try to uncover the answer.  Why do I love sales?

Here are 5 reasons:

1.       Meeting new people

There’s something about networking that just turns some people off.  It just feels a bit icky.  I’d feel that way to if I was networking to push a product.  However, if I have something I believe in that has real value, I can’t stop myself from meeting new people.  I just have to tell others about it.   I like being the guy who has the answer for the important questions that you didn’t even realize you needed to ask.

2.       Solving puzzles

Developing rapport, asking the right questions, reading back the feedback from body language, intonation, and content of the response: all those things make me feel like a detective in those Hitchcock novels I used to read as a kid.  Making a sale is about solving the puzzle of figuring out what it is that your prospect needs, and how to make him/her realize that s/he needs it.

3.       The preparation

As a child, my favorite part of action movies like Rambo or Bloodsport—I know, should a child really watch those movies?—was not when things were blowing up.  The part that I kept rewinding on the VCR—I know, What? VCR? At least it wasn’t Betamax—was when Stallone was putting on his red bandana, or Van Damme was practicing by kicking a tree.  Jackie Chan in Drunken Master? The part when he was being drilled by his sifu.

The preparation and anticipation before a sale feels like that to me.  I’d try to anticipate my prospect’s needs and any hurdles from closing the sale, way before stepping the first step into his office.

4.       The rush of pitching

There’s an attention-hungry child in me that’s screaming “Look at me! Look at me!”  He has always been there.  The best outlet for this child is pitching and public speaking.  When I’m pitching or presenting, I feel like a kid again: free and without care in the world.

5.       What’s your reason?

I’ve stated mine.  I wonder, what are yours?  I find a lot of people in Indonesia (and maybe in Asia?) try to avoid a career in sales.  Maybe if we can list enough compelling reasons, more people would give it a serious try.

The world doesn’t need just another salesperson; it is in need of high quality ones.