Branding Lessons from Everyday Life

by Ghani Kunto

My wife still wears loose fitting clothes, even now, almost 14 months after the birth of our child. She wears these types of clothes because she thinks she’s fat. While she may have gained a few pounds, they’re barely noticable, and (at least, in my eyes) she’s still as svelte as ever. But, the choice of clothes enticed strangers to ask her, “How far along is the pregnancy?”

She used to take offence at that, but now she’s enjoying it. Always a seat on the bus. Extra help from everyone. Hey, all the benefits of pregnancy without having to do the work again. It’s a pregnancy pension program.

Walking along this woman who’s seemingly in her 1st trimester, is me, decked out in sports gear. The Sporty Spice look is something new to me, but I kinda like it too.

People ask me, “just getting back from the gym?” even though it’s in the middle of the day. It is as if I’m one of those people who are so financially comfortable in their lives that they can just go to the gym whenever they liked.

Those who ask don’t realize that the reason I’m wearing these loose fitting running pants is because none of my old pants fit anymore.

Yup, I too have amassed a significant amount of heft in the past year (ie. I got fat).

There’s a clear branding lesson here, but I want to hear what you think that lesson is.

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